The silence of the deaf / Creation for three dancers inspired by a sculpture from Auguste Rodin

The silence of the deaf


When I look at the pictures of all these drowned people in the Mediterranean Sea, when i hear that we just discovered forty-four dead bodies left in the desert, I remember this sentence taken from the Divine Comedy written by Dante.

Makeshift camp for displaced people all around the airport or the parisian stations… Immigrants are a source of hatred and discriminated at the same time for those who want a withdrawal and to close the borders. They are also a source of indifference as they appear to be transparent for us, laying along our town’s pavement.

This terrible sentence, “You, who’s entering, leave your hope”, strikes my choreographer’s mind and makes appear in front of me the image of sculpted bodies from the Rodin’s masterpiece “The Hell’s Door”, in particular the Three Shadows who overlook the sculpture.

I am literally fascinated by this masterpiece which is cruelly appropriate with the actual reality of the Migrants.

Stuck bodies… as trapped.

You, who’s entering, leave your hope

                                                                                                                                                    Dante Alighieri

Hell’s Door

Simultaneously border and passage, this is the comforting door of a house, that we close, that we leave ; the door that we open on to the unknown, that can’t be get through ; the door behind which we want to abandon the Chaos and try to find a better but also doubtful future, full of obstacles.

Is the hell behind me ? In front of me ? On my way ? Which part ? The hell from an a left country, hell on the way, at the border ?

To confront the exile, to close his own house’s door in order to escape the war, to leave a place for a future that we hope bright.

Three Shadows

The three shadows disturb me for several reasons : they have a wonderful power and they also they touch the human fragility. Three identical figures linked by their heads, with a common inclination, neck and shoulders in order to create a similar line which seems to turn around the same spot. Sort of strong and weak bodies in the same time to overlook a door highly symbolic.

My reflexion about this sculpture and metaphorically with the situation of the displaced people gave me the inspiration for a new creation. Be able to work on the contrasts, the contradictions and the questioning which opened inside me some question about the the human migration today.

Trying to inspire the movement and the states of the bodies in line with the masterpiece of Rodin.