CHROMATIQUE : Dance / puppet project


Visual or organic reality, the red color is the frame where the game of human passions becomes entangled: love, hate, anger, desire, passion.

Indefatigably ornate by the combustion of the sun, bodies in movement are repeating an everlasting explosion. Privileged place of flesh, muscles and blood, where are archived the syncopated movement of people in the space, frenzy of the crowds, inaction of the homeless.

At the junction between vital energy and the violence done against the body, dance resuscitates by the exultation of the body the memory of birth.

Red like the memory track of the tale.

 Letting come to me images, memories, words, movements, reached me going back up from childhood with long strides the race of the little red riding hood. His covered body, while very visible, drags in its continuation the dark shadow of the wolf without ever being able to abandon it. Does he know he is pursued? Does he wish to be pursued? Both of them constitute this pattern which condenses the ambivalence of human feelings. Pulse vibrating on the surface of our memories, where the murder comes close to the game, the desire, the mystery, the casualness.


In this piece, the choreographer questions what connects the music to the dance. The choice of electroacoustics answers to the necessity to hear the music, not as an illustration or a support of the dance, but as a danced body, physical partner of the dancer.

Returned from a distant childhood, a lost woman is feverishly strolling. With her, we discover, almost groping, the strange universe surrounding her, imaginary or figurative forest. Her body is the point of hatching of the scenic space towards which converges our looks. A carnal, exclusive relationship is established with the audience, soon broken by the arrival of men, brutal burglary revealing the whole space.

In the hand of men, the body became docile, exact reflection of their desires. He is the remains that we share with fury, exultation, then care and meticulousness, becoming keystone of a danced trio. Empty of affects and blood, this willing body, accustomed to all the requirements, admirably shaped by the society and its desires, object of an expert manipulation, is slowly insuring by his lethargy the artificial harmony of this agreement by revealing its status of puppet.

A puppet size 1 (human scale) maintaining so far the illusion of reality.

The team

Duration : 40/50 minutes
Choreography : Julien Ficely
Music : Marco Marini
Light : Olivier Bauer
Interpreters : Pascal Bayart, Céline Maufroid, Yutaka Nakata
Puppet design : Yseult Welschinger
Decor : Antonin Bouvret
Drawing + videos : Hervé Augoyat
Photo credits : Charly, Atelier Photographique