Rhizome (2011)


An ambivalence, between surface and depth.

It is the exploration of the world of origins that guides me to write this solo. The underground universe of a nourishing earth giving birth to hope but also to chaos. The fogs of birth, the outbreak, the struggle for verticality, the rise of a life-giving sap, aerial.

I would also like to cross, with my interpreter, the well-meaning age, carrier of experience, and the old age knotted, cracked, just like a bark.

I would want a musical texture rather than a melody, sounds as musicality, echoing to the movements of a land made as a woman.

The team

Creation 2011
Choreography: Julien Ficely
Interpreter : CCN Ballet de Lorraine
Music: Anthony Rouchier
Sculptor: Jean Nô
Light: Olivier Bauer
Duration: 20 minutes
Photo Credits: Joris Perez