Ô (2010)


Locked in the sphere of life, they are pulling away more and more, as much as they are turning around each other. Prisoners of the cycle of time and drunk with the dizziness of their memories, they indulge in a vicious face to face. Never turning away, they have to follow each other, accompany and carry each other in order to keep moving together.

Involved, involuntarily, in this constant and unbridled round everyone is looking for an appeasement.

This race, as fascinating as scaring, drives them in an abyss of doubts, in another dimension sometimes worrying, sometimes hypnotic. In this piece for four dancers, the choreographer is looking for a fragile balance, uncertain, that could sink with a simple breath. Through a fluid gesture, fast or even animal, the cycle of life appears, with all the beauty and the difficulty that it can carry.

The team

Choreography: Julien Ficely
Interpreters: CCN Ballet de Lorraine
Music: Anthony Rouchier
Video, Light: Olivier Bauer
Duration: 20 minutes
Photo Credits: Joris Perez