Graduate schools and conservatoires

Since 2005, Julien Ficely choreographs his pieces in superior schools and dance conservatories with a national reach. He worked with the Professional Insertion Unit of the National Ballet of Lorraine and the ENSDM Marseille, the CNMSD Lyon, the conservatories of Nancy and La Rochelle, as well as the Junior international ballet of Cannes.

The educational challenges: how to find the right “tools” to transmit? Developing my imaginary and my choreographical vocabulary, go through my own gesture while keeping the unicity… My gesture is, most of the time, written and quite complex in terms of coordination. Sharing it and transmitting it to young interpreters challenges my adaptation capacity to get the qualities seeked. During the apprenticeship, I decompose my choreographic movements to understand the paths and allowing the student to appropriate it.

The challenge or the main “game” for me, summed up in a sentence, is: an active listening, the awareness of others, sharing and the way to be and to dance together.

I want to give a picture of the art of choreography close to their daily life and mine.