Artist residency in middle schools

Artist residency in middle schools

Since two years, initiated by the Theater Ici et Là, the Company Filament runs a weekly workshop of choreographical practices within the Gaston Ramon school, that meets a high popularity since its implementation. The project “artists in college residency” supported by the Meurthe and Moselle department allows the Company to give a new dimension to its action, in particular by integrating other artistic participants. These participants will tackle fields related to the choreographic creation: video, music, writing…

The residency of the Company Filament, within the Gaston Ramon school, will explore two axes, in a spirit of exchange and discovery:

 The first aspect is focused on the discovery of a piece from the contemporary choreographic repertoire, thanks to a work around the spectacle “Souvenir d’un faune”, which will be created in December 2016 by Julien Ficely.

 The second one consists in implementing actions around the repertoire discussed and its cultural environment:

 Discovery of the contemporary choreographic repertoire through the Company Filament: the work will be based on the discovery of other pieces created by the Company Filament, the process steps of the creation, the writing processes of the spectacle…

 This discovery will be extended to the work of other choreographic artists, with different influences and movements, showing therefore the choreographic creation range.

 It is within this framework that the Journalism Workshop begins in 2015-2016 with Bérangère Goossens and the pupils of 6ème2. Back in pictures on the highlights of the residence:

 Together with the educational team of the school, the guests of the Company will establish bridges between classes, students and disciplines.