Amateur repertoire cover with Pantin National Dance Center (2014)

Amateur repertoire cover with Pantin National Dance Center

For the 8th edition of the call for project “Amateur’s dances and repertoire”, the NDC of Pantin selected the project “Le Jardin” by Julien Ficely. On this occasion, the Company Filament joined the Teaching League 54 to work with the junior association Pop Korn from Nancy.

The goal was to recreate the piece as faithfully as possible, depending on the level of the dancers and their wishes. If “Le Jardin” is a contemporary dance piece, the choreographer draws his inspirations in the neoclassical dances. Julien wanted the group to express itself with its emotions and its choreographical culture.

The original version of “Le Jardin” being a duet, the choreographer was interested in the idea of covering this piece with the energy of a group composed of several duets. This will allow the dancers to add their sensitivity and their own feelings around the thematic of a relationship between two people.

Julien placed in a green square the history of a couple. Secret garden of their emotions, their fears and disappointments; an ambiguous space where are combined contradictions and a loving osmosis. With this piece, the dancers have been confronted to the relation over the others, the look of the others and the awareness of the body.

The choreographer’s work consisted in dance and video. He builds this cover using the video as the whole scenography. The first step was to work the choreography. Once it was done, the video will determine the space in which the dancers will be evolving.

To complete the project, Julien wanted the group to work with other professional dancers than him. To do so, he invited during rehearsals the former feminine interpreter Nina Kokham as well the current male interpreter Grégory Beaumont.

In addition to the choreographical aspect, Julien chose to initiate the members of Pop Korn to the techniques that surrounded the artistic creation, such as the creation of images, the light, and the video. To do so, Bérangère Goossens (video) and Olivier Bauer (lights and creation of images) came working with the group.

The presentation of this work took place in the House of Dance in Lyon and in the CCM Ballet de Lorraine.