Le Jardin… (2004)


Julien Ficely places in a green square the history of a couple. Secret garden of their emotions, their desires, their fears and disappointments; an ambiguous space where are combined contradictions and a loving osmosis.

Him against her,
Him with her,
Them and the passing time,
Them and their private garden.

“In a square materialized by a carpet of dead leaves, two bodies are embracing, merging, rejecting and seeking each others with, as a background, Stabat Mater by Pergolèse and chirping birds. These two human beings are inviting us in their secret garden to share their troubles, their emotions, their desires, but also their anxieties. A beautiful performance for the couple, Adam and Eve in a garden smelling like linden tree. Enough to awaken all the senses.” (Didier Hemardinquer, author)

The team

Creation : 2004
Choregraphy : Julien Ficely
Performers : Jennifer Gohier, Grégory Beaumont
Lights : Thibault Leblanc
Music : Pergolèze
Duration : 13 minutes
Photo Credits : Franz