Encl’homme (2013)


This piece in two acts interrogates the humans confinement and the complexity of human relationships thanks to video, dance and music. A dance which oscillates between strength and fragility, a black and white solo, a duet which gets more colorful and round, and two dancers who are looking for each other and barely touching, before finally feeling a true desire.

«Encl’Homme» or how to push the limits?

From a technical point of view, I wanted to use new technologies to develop my own choreographic research. I like to combine video, music, and dance until those three arts become one. The video which is projected on the floor is the only light element and merges with the dance to create one choreographic element. The gestures are fluid and rhythmed by the music. The dancers indulge in a carnal exploration which expresses all their doubts and desires.

The team

Creation : 2013
Choregraphy : Julien Ficely
Performers : Laura Lamy, Tristan Robillard
Music : Anthony Rouchier
Video : Olivier Bauer
Photo Credits : Mathieu Rousseau