Souvenir d’un faune (2016)


Fifth creation of Julien Ficely, the starting point of this spectacle is the famous ballet “L’après-midi d’un faune” by Vaslav Nijinski. Radically breaking with the classical tradition, freeing itself from the morality, Nijinski’s choreography was created for the Russian Ballet in 1912 in Paris. Described as «inappropriate» by the critics, the show was presented in a perfume of scandal, because of both the argument and its interpretation, dance being far from this times’ codes.

After several original creations, Julien Ficely wishes to confront himself with a piece from the choreographic repertoire by transposing it in our society with its codes and its evolutions.

The “faune” from the piece is a woman, a woman who emancipated, who became domineering and manipulative of man.

She is no longer fearful, as she appeared during the creation, but asserts her desire and turns man into a simple toy for her, an object of pleasure.

The woman was freed during the 20th century: from codes, differences and constraints that were until then imposed to her. She is now completely asserting and assuming her feminity, to claim her freedom. From an instrument of man’s enjoyment in the original spectacle, imaginary woman (nymph), seductress, sometimes muse, often submitted, she is transforming into a faun and makes a prey out of man. From a body-as-object, she turns into a body-as-subject. On his side, the man lost some of his animality to show another aspect of his personality, all in sensivity. The man and the woman are equal. There is no stronger sex in the choreographer’s vision, just rules of the game.

 The team

Duration : 60 minutes
Choreography : Julien Ficely
Music : Musical creation by Marco Marini with extracts of “Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune” by Claude Debussy
Light : Olivier Bauer
Scenography : Julien Ficely
Costumes : Rachel Brayer
Interpreters : Pascal Bayart, Phanuel Erdmann, Laura Lamy, Anaïs Lheureux, Georges Maikel, Lucille Mansas, Samuel Retortillo, Yui Sugano
Creation of mask : Pascale Toniazzo, Company Via Verde (Thionville)
Photo Credits : Mathieu Rousseau / André Nitschke